URGENT: Iminent Zombie Attack!!!


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I think I've fallen in love with the idea of a Zombie Invasion:O. I've explained to someone what i'd do in case of this emergency and kinda wish it was possible. I mean, yeah this woud suck for the people who got infected..... But who DOESNT wanna go to the mall and bash some zombies in with golf clubs, signs, food court chairs :chair:. But there are so many ways you can survive one. How would you survive? Where, using what, and whats your strategy?

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Go to my room. Get some food. Get drinks. Watch the zombies walk around in my lawn. Oh, and get my AR-15 Assault Rifle if any come in my room. Lol.

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I might be getting some d?j? vu right here, but wasn't there a thread exactly like this one like a day or two ago?


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Eliminate Zombies Organization

yeah, i said that....
well actually in the book World War Z , the zombies were called "ghouls" so this could actually work out to Eliminate Ghouls Organization and things could just remain as they are


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Exterminate Ghouls Operation

im just saying exterminate sounds better than eliminate

and there arent going to be any organizations during a zombie apocolypse

and to answer the original question id go hang out in a nuclear submarine


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erm, i thought i made a thread about this a few days ago, exactly the same, lol.....

I WiLL SWIM TO THE NORTHPOLE and freeze to death