The official map for eGO


I was in ventrilo no to long ago, and I came up with the idea of creating a map for eGO itself. This could probably take around 1-2 weeks depending on how big our map is. We're shooting for the size of dust_2 basically because everyone is familiar with it's design. Would be nice if you have any idea's or some suggestions for me while my friends and I start getting some basic designs layed out. So it would be nice if you could give some support and some ideas. If you cant explain it in words/text, then ill be in ventrilo in room 2 everyday.

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if its going to be our official map it had better be amazing, like really good so after 4 weeks have us test it then go back and fix and do more.


The Idea's so far:

-Destructible buildings
-Junk yard
-Trenches on the marine's side of the map
-Sniper posts (4 locations)
-rotating eGO sign/ Big eGO overlay in the middle of the map
-The ability to press a button to spawn weapons freely (ONLY IN THE SHOOTING RANGE!)
-Shooting range near each spawn (a walk through teleport to the range)
-Possible HDR

If you have anymore idea's, let me know on ventrilo or this thread.
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-The ability to press a button to spawn weapons freely
I think I have a small map prefab of a U shape of tables with every weapon in the game including the knife. Only thing is it's not a push button spawn you just walk up and the weapon drops on the table. I'm sure you guys already know how to do this but just incase not I figured I'd offer it and if you guys need/want it I will find it for you guys just let me know.


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about spawn weapons, im against... u can have a lot of weapons with !guns and !guns2...
and spawn weapons with buttons makes the punks pressing it everytime to lag server... we have that history with old office map!


idk if im having the spawnable weapons. if there was any, it be in the shooting range. Hopefully if I made a list of them ingame, then they wont spam them :/. i also have built a underground metro station. I'll post up a video on what it looks like so far. idk when but sometime soon!


How much people MINIMUM have to get on the map to make it awesome???!!! :p

Its gonna be alittle bigger than dust_2. nothing to big and crazy but so far its looking great! within a day i got mostly the marines spawn almost done


sorry if this is fuzzy but idk how to change it really.


let meh know what you think so far.