My new story


"Zombie Apocalypse"

As I finished boarding up the windows and the doors I started to hear voices outside. Voices around my house. They wouldn't stop. They kept repeating the same exact thing. "Come out...were hungry". It made my spine tingle. And the fact that they came out at night didn't help at all. When the sun came into view you could hear the blood curling screams of the infected as they were burnt and disintegrated into dust. It seemed that the sun could be used to my advantage. I followed a code.. Get up and unboard the doors and windows, Make breakfast, Go out and loot stores and what not and most importantly find survivors. The usual time to get home was at 8:00 when the sun begins to set. It was very unsettling to hear the screams of infected inside dark corners, dark allies, and abandoned buildings, I always wondered if I was the last of my kind.
I had a few run ins with the infected. I always wound up being succesful in killing them. I have a 50. Caliber Desert Eagle Pistol with a 12 Gauge shotgun and an M4A1 Carbine for ranged fighting. I obtained these weapons from the Military forces that tried to eliminate these monsters..they failed. After the unsuccesful attack they cut off all connections to the town. I couldn't believe my eyes when I begged for exit but the damned device that they withheld told them I was infected. Just because of my eye color. I know one thing though. I will never even think about commiting suicide. I pray every day and night for mercy and hope. The prayers dont help. I will find a way out of here. One way or another. All of my relatives are decesed because of this infection. It's origin is unknown and there is obviously no cure.

As I layed down in my bed and said my prayers I heard a very large bang from the window in the kitchen. I took my shotgun,leaned up against the living room wall and took a quick glance. The boards were crushed on the floor and there were 2 infected stealing from my fridge. Most likely looking for meat. I had to spring into action and fix those boards quick. I ran into the kitchen I pulled the trigger and watched the head explode off of the infected man's shoulders. I felt a clutched hand on my shoulder I looked back and saw 3 more infected. I was outnumbered. There was suddenly a sharp stinging pain in my arm I turned to see an infected's teeth in my arm. With the feeling of death inside of me. I took one final shot of my shotgun to the infected on my arm's head and he fell to his gruesome death. I fell to my knees. I was getting jumped on and kicked, beaten to death, I heard a sharp screetching of a tire outside. Suddenly bullets rushed over my head killing all of the remaining infected. I saw a man in a Hazmat suit wielding an M4A1 Carbine. He spoke in a foreign language. I blacked out suddenly. I woke up in a hospital bed I saw my heart rate being monitored on the monitor next to me. I could barely remember a thing. All I knew was that I was saved and moved to a safe location. My prayers and hopes were carried out by God and that is why I live to this day.


EGO Is My Life!
It's okay, but too much focus on praying to God. And it needs to be longer. Was rather enjoyable to read, don't get me wrong.