Hardcore Rush Rotation.


:huh: How come whenever I go on our Hardcore Rush Rotation server, it's always full, and there's, like, 0 other =(e)='s? :blink:


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I personally dont like HC too much, So I am mostly on the Conquest Server and sometimes if I feel like it I join the Regular Rush Server.;)


Hardcore Rush is the one server that needs the most assistance. From time to time, it is populated, but it also empties quite quickly. Not many people seem to try to get the HC Rush populated, and that has been pointed out before :p

Just keep doing what your doing, and people will follow. If anything, head to the shoutbox and just make a brief message like 'BC2 Hardcore Rush needs you!' or something similar. (Make sure it is polite though, that often works better :))
I sit in a 5 person queue for HC rush during peak hours, but late in the night, it hovers around 25 people until we start popping shutes. It just depends on the gameplay, but I have noticed that it empties out faster on certain maps, like Atacama.


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See, to me, if the pub-to-eGO member ratio is big, it just means that it's a great time to recruit. New recruits means we're growing, and that means we might get more servers.

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Hardcore Rush is the easiest server to start. Back in the day, Mad Pistol and I could get HC from empty to full in 5 minutes.

It's also a top-ranked server, so lots of dedicated pubs play there.

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i prefer normal rush cuz it takes better aim and you dont get one shot by wookies randomly! also 'firefights' in normal dont last like 5 seconds because everyone dies in 1-2 shots