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Ahh xo - we hardly knew thee...

Well as an advisor, that is. xosniper has conveyed to the TF2 leadership team that he is currently unable to give the time, passion and dedication needed to be an effective advisor due to real life issues of family and work. We completely support his decision to place his family and job first and are extremely grateful for his time as an advisor and his maturity in stepping down.

xo will retain his O ranking and is still with the community. Please join us in thanking him for his time and help!
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thanks for all the good work XO! you were the best advisor!

...dang that means i need to find another advisor to take your place.
i don't envy my job here.


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:( I knew he wasnt active because he hasnt been on the ShoutBox, i hope you return xo, i really miss you :(


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Oh almost forgot the point of this thread...Good luck with real life xo and thanks for your hard work(?) =P


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I had a great deal of respect for xo already. I also have a great deal of respect for those who are so devoted to a position and a work ethic that when they feel they cannot live up to their own expectations (forget anyone elses) about how the job should be done they have the strength to admit this and step down. 2+2=4; thus my esteem for xosniper has risen even more.

I knew he wasnt active because he hasnt been on the ShoutBox, i hope you return xo, i really miss you.
I too noticed that almost the moment xo became advisor, he all but disappeared from his usual haunt. I tried to step up and not only hand out plenty of "your face" jokes, but also accuse Darth of spamming the ShoutBox at least twice daily. I was unable to fill your shoes on these things xo. It will be good to have you back.

Dangit XO! I was hoping to be get the award "advisor for shortest period of time." I feel cheated.
Not even close TP. lumpy_d_great will be a hard one to beat. I predict that record will stand for a while. ;)


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I think the shoutbox should be changed to the xobox or the yourfacebox or something like that in honor of xo D: