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Hey I just made a steam group for all of those interested in the firearms game its pretty cool to me hopefully we can get enuff support from eGO members to get a server!:drool:
You can download the game from here

Also for those of you having graphics problems especially with the smoke check this out posted on their website

Alternate particle files for smoke grenades and artillery markers

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on 07-26-2010 at 07:35 PM

Attached is a pack of alternate particle files for the smoke grenade and artillery marker. These should produce much better FPS for people who have been experiencing FPS loss when viewing artillery marker smoke and smoke grenade smoke.

Just extract this *.zip file into your FAS folder. You'll be overwriting mortar_fx.pcf and rocket_fx.pcf

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Ill join the group. also at the meeting last night, it was announced we were getting a server for this.


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Yea I hope we get a server for it soon!
Lot's of eGO members are playing already and it's a very team-work based game.

If your the type of guy that could care less about team work and just want to snipe until the cows come home, this game is for you.

If you love playing online games with lot's of team work and like being the medic to insure your team mates don't die, this game is for you.

...........and the list goes on! Also there always full server no mater what time of the day so download the game today and start playing!

And for those whom might not of liked the game at first don't worry a patch is comming out soon that will overall the game with lots of new features like better hit boxes, more map, more guns!


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Also thanks to ever that has joined the steam group already!
Almost 100 members in 3days awesome!


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I started to play today.

I liked a lot, this game mod rocks !



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Cool we got 100+ people in the steam group now!
Still haven't got firearms yet?
Read this from there website!

Key Features

Wondering what some of the key features of our mod are? Firearms: Source is a fast-paced, quasi-realistic, action-oriented, warfare-centric modification for Valve's Source engine. FAS doesn't keep you waiting around to respawn or running forever to get into the action; our whole focus is on keeping you in the midst of the most brutal and violent firefights you've ever seen in Half-Life 2, period.

Four brutal gameplay modes

Push your enemies from one side of the combat zone to the other, slaughtering everything in your path; search and destroy their supplies; capture their intelligence; or dominate them by controlling more territory.
Thirty-One Weapons

Use over 31 kinds of pistols, melee weapons, shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles, sniper rifles, machineguns, grenade launchers, and hand grenades to kill, maim, humilate, and slaughter your opponents - with more added each release.
Eight Maps

FAS includes eight professionally made maps, with settings ranging from the wintery urban landscapes of Mother Russia to the pretty island jungles of the South Pacific.
Incredible Artwork

Top artists from around the Source modding community have come together to help us complete our art requirements. Weapon models by Schmung and SiD, weapon skins by Racer445 and The Expert.
Professional Soundtrack

Firearms is set to the thumping tunes by musician Richard Douglas.
Tried and True

Our mod has been through almost two years of internal alpha testing. We've spent countless hours murdering bugs, both in our maps and in our code, and gone over our combat model with a fine tooth comb.
Dedicated Team

It means a lot to the community to know that their development team stands behind their work. Most of us have been pouring our hearts into bringing Firearms to Source since 2004, and we're all still here today, four years later. We're not going anywhere!
Years of Support

Our first release won't be our last. We have tons of new weapons and maps in the works, which will be making their way to your hands on a regular basis during FAS's lifespan. Expect at least one or two new guns per month, on average.
Unique and Diverse Weapons

Tired of playing with the same old M4A1 in every modern shooter? Then help us "Celebrate Diversity" by playing FAS! We have lots of new and interesting weapons we guarantee you've never heard of, like the OTs-33, Vollmer, Chang Feng, Becker Patrol, and Sako Rk.95.


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well this is addictive. what's everyones favorite combos? I've been using MP5+machete a lot. COmbine that with recon abilities and you're a sneaky ninja of death.


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Sako 95 Heavy armor,frags,bandages ftw
I just notice something.
if you get full heavy armor with the Sako 95 you can't get both frags and bandages but, that's only if you have a helmet, leg and arm protection as well as chest protection. I think you can get heavy chest gear sako frags and bandages but no helmet leg or arm gear.


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full light armour, g3a3, m3 shotgun, frags, flashbangs and medic skill
Medic skill is all ways my first pick then medic 2 the I start upgrading accuracy and speed after my first 2 medic skill

I Love my bandages!
Call me Dr.Jason420!