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I wanna edit these maps in hammer, so i thought i'd just go into my maps folder, but they're .bsp files and apparently that's not a valid map type. I tried changing the extension with no luck, and searched fps banana but found nothing. Is it at all possible to convert the file types? If not, can someone PLEASE gimme link to a .vmf or .vmm download?

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This post should be renamed Manatee's signature joke. I didnt even read your post sorry the sig was too funny
Please...for everything that is good...don't post if you aren't gonna be of any use but to get your post count up.

Ok. This would probably go better if it was posted in the Tech Help section. They would probably know what to do better than us.
thanks for link, hope rouge isn't mad at me. I read somewhere on assualt anyone could port maps but needed permission to use them on their servers. I don't intend to do anything with these maps outside of hammer so i should be fine :D

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Three things to post before we continue:

1) If you have nothing relevant to post to the thread. DONT POST! Period.

2) Its better you ask the creators of the maps you wish to edit before editing them unless you cannot contact the creator (even then you should give credit to them).

3) The maps you are wanting to edit are created by me, Rogue Sniper. I do not allow editing of them, mainly because they were made for EdgeGamers and thats it. I cant stop you from editing them because the decomp protectors are able to be bypassed now.


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You need to download VMEX, google it. Open the BSP in VMEX and let it decompile it. Then all you have to do is open the newly created VMF. Only do this for looking, do not take any pieces of the map or recreate the map without the owners permission.