Kinect & Move: Not for Familes


I'm not to keen on the whole NUI thing. It's not something I plan on buying, but I will give it a year and a half at least or maybe even 2 years to let developers to take some real advantage of it. I also don't see it being a console deal breaker either. But nevertheless, I will read the link posted.

After reading, it's true. I heard that it being a little pricey, but tons of people complain when the PS3 had a 500$ price tag. That didn't stop me from buying one, hell I wish I could have bought another one if I could. Though the PS3 offered tons more for the price tag compared to whats being offered for 100-200 (+what 50$ for the game), I don't think there was enough innovation for the amount we are paying on the kinect/move.
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That article was complete nonsense. The editor estimates that both Sony and MS want both of their motion sensing peripherals to be a pillar in the middle of the selling point for they're console, and that most users will buy the 360/PS3 with their respective motion peripherals. Hes wrong. These two peripherals were clearly intended to be bought by current console owners, not new adoptees.

Price for each

Move: $50 for motion detector, $30 for navigation controller; $80 total and will probably include a game & both controllers in a $90 bundle.

Kinect: $150 (probably also has a bundle that includes a game)

For Playstation users (such as myself with new games averaging at $65-$80 a pop), the Move has quite a reasonable price tag and perfect accuracy compared to the wii. Its also boasts that it is easier to implement into games than the wii is, according to the E3 hosts.

Kinect, being more sophisticated than the move (perhaps a little before its time) comes in at costing a little under 3x more than a game from the console. This is troubling for the Kinect because no third party developers have shown any real Kinect functionality (guessing its a lot harder than a Move or Wiimote). Fable 3 might be on board but the developer has been fading in and out weather they'll have it or not. So basically all the Kinect users have to look forward to are shovelware, or minigame packs. At least the PS3 has games to back it up.

So basically, my opinion is this. Say you wanted to get something that the whole family can play, but your kid/significant other has a ps3 or 360 already. Instead of picking up a wii for $199 you can pick up a Natal or Move for less than than the Wii itself and still have enough left over for a game. They are in no way a primary selling point for either console.
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The problem is that people are treating these as just some accessory that will rarely be used. Move and Kinect are closer to new consoles rather than just controllers. Their both going to have their own private line up of games that are priced at a affordable rate (move games are $40 and kinect games are $50) while also but also give people the chocie how to play other compatible games.

The way I see it is that for $180-$150 bucks you get a Wii addon to you favorite console.
yeah well i'm pretty sure families want to spend $300 or more on something that is so simple... Sony has already done this for the ps2 and it was cheaper(around $50) I think microsoft and sony have lost it.