Star Wars: The Old Republic


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I've been closely following the game since the first word came out of it becoming an actual game. I'm buying it once it's released, that's for sure.


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I signed up for the beta, and I will pay to play this so I can give it a chance. If its as epic as the trailers are making it (which normally isn't the case) then I will be loving it very much!


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Sent a blank check to Bioware a couple years back with my soul put up as collateral.

I gave SOE money for 4 1/2 years, what can Bioware do to me?


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it's gonna be p2p, so i don't really care.
You won't buy a game simply because it's pay-to-pay?

I'm definitely going to buy this once it's out, looks like a great game so far. Star Wars has the best soundtrack ever made in my opinion, and Bioware seems to be putting a lot of work into the story and I hope it's as good as all the hype they're giving it.

I think I'll have to upgrade my PC to get the best out of it.
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Since i quit WoW, i have to pay to pay something with that extra money i seem to find in my wallet every month!


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Bioware is my favorite Developer, so I'm keeping one eye on this, and another lurking for Mass Effect 3 and my nose sniffing out anything I can for Dragon Age 2

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I will let my room-mate buy it first and try it on his before I buy it, but if it is even half as good as the trailers make it look I'll get it.

Anything but going back to WoW...
*shudders at the thought*


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Better than SWG was, that game is trash now.
I agree, SWG never really added anything new after the change of professions which IMO was a mistake because the advanced classes of the professions they originally had made it fun to decide what to do and then go back and change it. Much like SW:TOR is doing with their player progression.


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I remember when you had to work your way toward Jedi in SWG. I spend a lot of wasted hours trying to get there. Now I hear you can choose to be a jedi right as you make a character? Well that just defeats the purpose of the game.

Choose if you want to be a jedi or a brawler. HMMMMMMM