TF2 division Google Calendar?

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Hey fellow TF2ers,
I was wondering if anyone has an EdgeGamers Google Calendar set up? Because if not, I'll (try) to maintain one for anyone who uses GCalendar. I personally love it because it interfaces with my GMail.

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Suggestion: dropbox? I'm not sure if you're thinking on a personal level to keep track of friends or division wide, but if it's the later, this should definitely be there.


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I was considering putting up a google calendar for events, but we don't have html on the forums, so it would be difficult to do so.


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Hmm, i dont know what the difference between the google one is and the one on our forums. If it will be too much work, the one we have currently should be fine.


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Hmm well we have a calender, this does seem unneeded except for the fact that it interfaces with gmail(does that include email?).
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