Fistful Of Frags 3.0 is out!


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Fistful of Frags is a single/multiplayer modification for Source engine settled in the Old West. Its key features include:

- Fistful of Dollars game mode: original team oriented gameplay packed with fast paced action.Additional team vs game modes: Boss Murder, Bounty, Push, Prisoner Escort
- Cooperative/singleplayer missions: push the cart, escort, last stand, etc.
- "FoF style" deathmatch and classic deathmatch, duel tournament
- Deathmatch bots to improve your skills offline
- Dynamic objectives: use your gun... and your brain too!
- Notoriety player progression system: measures player contribution to its team in several areas (combat, objectives and teamplay).
- Equipment and player full customization: spend your notoriety points in the exact weaponry, skills and visual customization you want. Includes more than 20 different items.
- Many weapons, most of them with a secondary attack mode: fists, knife, axe, Colt Navy 1851 (single and dual), Colt SAA "Peacemaker" (single and dual), Deringer .41, double barrel shotgun, Henry repeating rifle 1860, bow, Smith carbine 1857, Winchester 1893 pump shotgun, Sharps rifle 1874, dynamite, and bow with normal/fiery/explosive arrows!Healing class "whiskey man" Fist fighting: stamina based combat, several kind of punches, including a special "knockout".
- Anti-tk system: play with friendly fire on, like the big boys do!
- Around 20 levels: western town, abandoned mission, train assault, desert forts, mexican village, mines, etc

Requirements: you must own a Source powered game by Valve (any)



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The last time I tried out Fistful of Frags it seemed there weren't many people playing. Are there more folks playing now? Frankly, I think the mod is great and hasn't received the kind of recognition it deserves.


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I somehow find it's name very contradictory to it's setting. I think I'll try it though.