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* Release Date: Q1 2011

Homefront is a story-driven first-person shooter set in the year 2027.

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I hope it's good. I'd really like a change of pace. I know it's a modern-future-ish shooter, but I can't remember ever fighting in the USA before.



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Its written by the writer of Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn, so sense its actually good its nothing like MW2.

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I hope this game becomes what the hype is bringing to the table. Though it really does remind me of the Freedom Fighters series, but thats a given since its one of those "America Invaded" scenarios. But really, my question for the story of the game is "Where was China?"


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I don't care for Call of Duty games anymore. I've never played MW2 because it didn't interest me. And I was saying that I've never played a game where I defended the US, not that there isn't one.
You made a very good choice. It is unfortunately a very poorly designed that had some potential. I'm quite interested in this homefront game now. It reminds me of the Red faction series somewhat haha

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Anyone else want a game where the US is the bad guys? I'm tired of fighting Russians, I want to see us as the evil superpower.