Half Life 2: Deathmatch RP Gamers!


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Hey everyone, I noticed that a few members play on 2 servers on Half Life 2: Deathmatch called Yo Mama's RP Server. I've been playing on that server for almost a year know, and it's very fun to be on. I would classify it was an Extremely LIGHT RP Server, so you want to be on serious ones, this might not be the type you are looking for. Anyways, there is profanity so if you are against that it isn't best for you to play on there. Anyways, if you want to come check it out here are the IP's for both servers. I can set you up since i'm an admin also. Just a suggestion for you guys, ;)

Yo Mama's RP Server #1(the main server I play on)

Yo Mama's RP Server #2

As I said, there is profanity, so anyone who is not allowed to view that, go ahead and ignore this post. So I hope to see some people on there! Also, if you don't own HL2:DM, if you have an ATI or Nvidia Graphics card you can get it for free. Anyways, have fun!


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The rp server is currently getting fixed. The map use to lag players so they fixed it.

Also another server that you would guys like is a scripting/building server.
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