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Krod Mandoon

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Here is the new trailer.
Its just nelson bay conquest and white pass rush.

mR. Ly

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white pass rush seems like it's gonna be fun, nelson bay conquest...meh...not a fan
of conquest for some reason...and pc owners get all the map packs free.

Krod Mandoon

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meh i just cant wait till they are done remaking the current maps into different modes and move into actually making NEW maps, or at least give us a SDK


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Nelsons Bay Conquest is FAIL imo.

The point are too close to each other and they pretty much used the exact same locations that the mcoms are in on rush.

I have yet to play White Pass Rush, but people have told me it is just as bad.:facewall:


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I enjoyed White Pass Rush. Really hectic, which is just perfect.

We will most likely never get an SDK from EA/DICE. They're not known for doing that.


I remember reading a article that stated that Dice would probably never release a SDK. They obviously have a SDK that they use for patches, but they would need to dumb it down and make it more user friendly before they could release it to the public. I want cake.