And you thought guns in games were cool?

Ok guys, Today I got to fire about 40 to 50 bucks worth of ammunition from an AR-15 and I also fired a Glock 45.

My cousin has a friend that has a bunch of guns and his own firing range on his property. So since I was spending 3 days with my cousin and I liked guns my cousin took me over there and we fired 2 different sniper rifles and then moved onto a Glock 45 and USP 45.

So on our way to his friends house my cousin says to me "You better not disappoint me, Ive been bragging about you.". He was bragging because I was on the rifle team in my ROTC and I have the title of sharpshooter, I even have the badge to prove it. Anyways about 2 hours later my cousin fires at the 300 yard targets. (There were targets set up at 100, 200 and 300 yards). He then said to me "Alright now its your turn to fire at the 300 yard targets.". I stepped up to the AR-15 and fired of 3 shots. Those three shots missed due to wind and the rifle was set up for a right handed shooter with a different style than I. (Im a left handed shooter). My fourth shot, I calmed down a bit, adjusted myself for the wind and slowly pulled the trigger.

A loud boom, and the round flew down to the 300 yard target. We heard the ping of the bullet hitting the steel target and i get praise from both of them for hitting such a distance on my first, yes first time, firing a real gun.

For those of you that are thinking "Big deal a little wind is nothing for a sniper rifle." Let me put this into perspective for you guys. The bullet is so light, that 3 mph wind will blow the bullet off target about 6 inches, which in this case it would not have hit the target even if i aimed dead center since the target was 6 inches wide. 3 mph wind is barely enough to get the leaves on trees moving around. So yes for the bullet i was using wind can be a big factor in hitting the target.

I didnt get any pictures since my camera didnt have batteries but my cousin managed to get this picture with his phone. He would have taken pictures of me with the Glock but it started raining on us before he could do so.

This picture was taken maybe 30 seconds before the 300 yard hit.

I just wanted to share my excitement of my first day firing a real gun.
Nice work. I fired a .9 millimeter when i was like 8 xD that's my only experience with a gun haha.
Lol all i have to say from todays experience. What you see in games and movies isnt accurate. Recoil is a bigger factor than you may think if you have never actually fire a gun. After firing my cousins Glock 45, Those things have more recoil than you may think. Not enough to knock it out of your hand, but if your firing it like you do in CS:S you will NOT be accurate to any degree. Overall I had lots of fun. I was kinda scared to step up to the AR-15 at first but once you get 2 or 3 rounds off you get comfortable with it.

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Nice! I love the AR-15. Such a beautiful rifle. Such little kick, but devastating results. (or at mine has no kick). I have also fired my dad's Super 90 benelli shotgun and a Sig Sauer pistol.
Six inches at 300 yards? Jesus were you shooting paper balls?
No the target wasnt six inches at 300 yards. It was a target that is six inches wide when you hold it in your hands. Where I shot it from it was just a small glint of orange in the distance. It was the biggest steel target he had out there and I went for the biggest one since it was my first time with a gun in my hands.
Ah ok that makes more sense. And if you would take the time to read the post I state that the bullet is so light that all it takes is a gentle breeze to pull it off target. It uses the same ammo as the M16 instead of an actual sniper bullet therefore it is prone to wind moving it more than a normal sniper round. seeing as how M16 rounds arent exactly designed to be used in a sniper rifle.

Have you ever shot a rifle at long range? The longer the distance the more the wind plays a factor, as does gravity and temperature. We werent exactly shooting this thing within talking distance. I shot that thing at a distance of three football fields.
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I've shotten a 9mm Pistol and also a AR-15, with an Optics scope on it. Very cool gun and very powerful. I was surprised about how little kick it has though.

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u remind me of the show topshot :D check it out some time its a good show; oh and good luck with the title Sharpshooter wish u best of luck


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at my sisters ranch we would sit on the front porch and shoot ground hogs. we killed like 75 in one day. it was great. we would also walk around with shotguns and and AR-15 and just shoot every thing we saw move. that is one good thing about living in the middle of no where.
I love that gun!! And I super love shooting. If you have the talent, you need to try out for the olympic rifle team. America is in need of some talented shooters. I'm a pistol shooter (see my profile albums) but i love to shoot the 'ol M16A2, 30-06, and .308 every once in a while. I loved that feeling of shooting my first gun. it was like... well it hurt. Cause i was 5 and it was a 16 gauge with turkey loads in it XD But yes! I love seeing young people interested in guns. :p