** Blackmesa Moving! **

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On or about August 9'th, Blackmesa will be moving. Please start spreading the news to members and pubs alike.

We are making this move to lighten the load on an overtaxed box and hopefully improve gameplay for everyone across all TF2 servers. Blackmesa will still be in Dallas, so don't freak out, please.

This will be announced on the front page shortly before the move.

New server IP:

No Steves will be harmed during this move.

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When you know the IP before the move, would it be possible to post it as an announcement or MOTD on the blackmesa server to help proliferate the message?


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Sounds good Nurse, hopefully this will alleviate the lag (*cough*put the Events server back to 32 players please*cough*)



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I'm thinking they're gunna' use a 12 year old Compaq with 64MB of ram.... Just to screw with us.... ;)
Funny... o_O
In any case, almost every one of the servers at my work is over 10 years old, so stop laughing about their lack of processing power. Then again, I've managed to get ahold of the most powerful and newest one for exclusive testing purposes :p