10,000$ ssd


I need to go outside
i have no idea what this is
but if i did order it

it better come with a super model and a lifetime supply of Dr pepper


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Something like this is not for the mainstream, even enthusiast. The PCI-E SSD interface has been around for a while now but hasn't been perfected until recently. With all the new tech coming out with these drives, performance and storage will increase, and hopefully drive prices down on some of the "older" yet still very speedy tech though the prices on current Intel models don't bother me as there is really no point in having a 4.2 system without removing the mechanical HDD bottleneck , at least for overall system responsiveness/performance.
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Reasons to buy this:
1.Picked this up for the wifes scrapbooking PC. Much quieter than the old drive. I was a little suprised by the price, but what the hell... She's worth it. SCRAPBOOKING!
2.dude I'll have to trade in my 89 mustang for for epic Pwnage on Call of duty! Soo worth it!
Why does it have 7 dollar shipping?


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That's one expensive piece of equipment. Would lol if it burned out in less than 2 hours

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1400 mb/s Read/Write speeds
950 mb/s Sustained Write Speeds
512 mb On board cache
Survives 1500 Gs

Decided college isn't as good as this drive
Games load before I can click them
Steam still has intermittent connection drops, crashing and freezing

Other Thoughts:
My Core i7 feels out of date now
My 5850 is too slow
$10,000 and you still have to pay $7 for shipping @[email protected]
All in all was totally worth it


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The ridiculous shipping price is because of the Swiss Guard hired directly from the pope that hand deliver it to you and install it.


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Either way, your paying WAY too much. No computer part should cost more than a car


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Either way, your paying WAY too much. No computer part should cost more than a car
$10,000 that could shave 30+min off every rendering that you do, could pay for itself very quickly.

And no, you are not paying way too much, find me another 1tb SLC ssd with those kinds of read/write speeds for less.