sc2, what is your fav unit?


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i have two, one is the thor just for the sole purpose that blizz made the operator sound like freaking Arnold. freaking gj blizz XD XD XD

and of course, once again the dark Templars. freaking love those guys XD XD XD


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I love zerg and the fact that there is many different ways to winning.
oh and the fact that i suck and need to practice ..............
1 win and 4 losses ha ha not what i had in mind but i havent been placed yet im sure ill be placed at the lowesd


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I was amazed by how many units their are in the single player that they didn't put in multiplayer.


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Well if we are talking all multi-player units mine is the Ghost, I just love all the different things you can do with it, emps away Protoss Shields, Snipes bio units, and if you are sneaky and amazing nuke them back to the workerless age. but talking if we talk about new units its intresting, but im going to say reapers, they are fast make for a great early harass and are great scouts.
I've only had it for about a day, but so far I would say the Void Ray. Love stacking about 4-5 of them and just watching the beams get stronger and Prismatic ray is just sexy.

Really liked the Firebats but only have seen em in Single player thus far.

Archons are pretty awesome as well.

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Zealots with charge definitely are my favorite unit, they just look so cool and they are really fun to play with.

In broodwar it would have to be the Reaver.
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lol i rarley get them but ultralisk just pure power lol
but other than that id say maurders not cause what they do they just look so badass.