Bounty on Noise964


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This is a bounty on noise964!!!
The bounty is because he feels lonely, and we need to give him attention.
Bounty rules are as follows:
1. Must be a kill domination.
2. Must be on eGO servers.
3. Must post a screenshot below!
4. Only one collection of each type of reward!
5. No repeat submissions of the same domination.
6. Expires one (1) week from this post's date.

9 rewards for 9 different class dominations. Each class may only be collected on once for this portion. 2k per domination.
6 rewards for 6 taunts over the dominated corpse. 3k per domination
4 rewards for any dominations other than those previously collected. 1k per domination.

Kill domination
On Ego Servers
Post Screenshot
Collect once for each reward.
Rip your hair out at my bad TL:DR!!!

Good hunting all!!!
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Good luck >.>

and i did say i wouldnt accept any bounties on the people on the list but i'll let it slide <.<


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I will also put a bounty on noise.
All my Casino Cash. (11k ish)

You must Taunt Kill him with the pyro.
I want screenshot and must be after this post.
First come first serve.
Now GO.
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Frisky has been paid! 2k for domination as heavy.
Dominations as heavy no longer can be collected for the 2k reward, although they may still meet the criteria for the other rewards!!!
Hill zem all!!!!