La Tale

Hello, my name is jordychrist and i am a La Tale addict...

the side scrolling, free to play, mmorpg has had me hooked for awhile now. i was just wondering if there was a chance someone else in the clan might play it as well. if you do maybe we could party up for some grinding!



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I was going to make an account but i prefer the mmo's that have more of a serious aspect, like Cabal, i'm not too into the more animated ones ;P


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I don't care for side scrolling MMOs. Not since being addicted to MapleStory multiply times, lol.
i think i like la tale because it isnt as serious of an is more cutesy and yet still somewhat serious. i was going to give maplestory a try, i am a combat arms fan already. i just liked the graphics of la tale compared to maplestory. i also like that it is a little more of a challenge or at least thats what ive been told.

i may still give maplestory a try but for now im sticking with this one.

also, wildspark, it only took me a day to get to level 16. im about 21 right now and have only been playing going on three days.


i may start a guild here soon, possibly even eGO inspired/related