Registry Malware?

Hey Guys-

I'm near positive that I picked up the fpsbanana virus while it was still going around, but in any case, something's messing with my computer, and I'm needing a little assistance with it.
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When I turn on my PC, McAfee gets randomly disabled every few minutes. If I leave it disabled for too long, a Fraud Anti-Virus pops-up, and claims that I have 1,000,000 viruses, then floods my desktop with executable called "Spam001; Spam002, etc, etc."

With McAfee being constantly disabled, I had to use Spybot - Search & Destroy to try to get rid of whatever is on my computer. After running a thorough scan including every folder on my computer, it found [2 Malware Entries] I then right clicked, and selected 'Jump to Location' where it then took me to my Registry Editor, opening up Proxy Server under Internet Settings. I uploaded a picture of the exact location, to specify where it was tracing from; that can be found: here.
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After I select to fix the selected problems, it checks them off the list; however my McAfee continues to crash, and when I re-scan using S&D, it found the same entry. When I scan with McAfee, it claims that there was nothing. The same issue appeared with a scan from Avast! Antivirus, and Malwarebytes'.

Help would be greatly appreciated, as I have to continuously enable McAfee to prevent the pop-up, and desktop spam I get, if it's off.
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The same issue appeared with a scan from Avast! Antivirus, and Malwarebytes'.
Have you tried using Malware Bytes

McAfee is compromised, so don't use that anymore and consider uninstalling it. Also, start the machine in safe mode, every attempt to repair should be done in safe mode, with networking if you want. Clean out temp files, run an online virus scanner, run a registry cleaner (all that can basically be done in CCleaner) and if you're still having issues consider a system restore.


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Morgan, come find me on STEAM and we'll get rid of this together.
It's a lot easier then posting back and forth in a thread.

Edit: NEVER EVER system restore when you have a virus. It will reside in the system restore files and just re infect what you tried to get rid of. It's a proven trial and error.


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Issue seems to be handled. Come see me if you have any more problems. :)


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i got that kind of virus ages ago from fpsbanana, and my anti-virus keeps getting disabled everytime i enable it, and i was stupid with computers then so i had to go into the windows task manager and check every .exe and startup files MANUALLY, and WOW i removed it by myself, lol.... it took me about 2 weeks...

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I used something prescribed by Dr. Ric called ComboFix;
It found a RootKit, took it off, and when my PC restarted, my anti-virus was fine, and my PC was 5x faster.


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Yes, Combofix is about the best program out there for 32 bit windows. If you're infected, it'll get rid of it.

It makes me sad that they haven't made one for 64 bit windows yet though :(.