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I couldn't find a specific thread about the discussion of it, but I imagine there is one that I'm not seeing, so I apologize if there is.

I suppose this doesn't just apply to CS:S, pretty much all Steam games which Steam have implemented it on. As you probably know, a few days ago they implemented the feature of adding clan tags to your name in the options menu, so clan tags didn't need to be in your Steam profile name. I think it is a good addition since they forced you to use the same in-game name as your Steam profile name.

Where does eGO stand on this? Will we be using them in the future? Is it currently being decided?

I saw someone mention that MAUL currently doesn't support it, but if it did (or does since then), would we then support it? I think it'd be useful for people who played in different clans on different games. We would obviously still have the e, eG and eGO thing, just create 3 steam groups for the 3 tags and set them as necessary.

I think it could work.


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Clan Tags & You!

With the new CS:S update valve has implemented a new feature to use "clan tags" from steam groups.
Please DO NOT use the "eGO" clan tag. We are discussing at the leadership level the official ruling with this new system.​


Yea, it could be pretty useful for me to set my tag just in-game because I'm playing like 4 games at the same time. Let see what the leadership will think about this ...


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It would be easier, but how would we know if there it was an admin? ;)
Because they could join a group with the 'eGO' tag, recruits join a group with an 'e' tag and so on. Admins would still be identifiable.

If that's taken, or doesn't work, we could use some sort of symbol or formatting to identify leaders/higher ups.
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whats a clan tag?

whats CS:S?

whats Edge Gamers Organization?
trololol, anyway for now you are NOT allowed to put clan tag in game, you can only do it for steam.
im guessing but its cuz we have rank system and when you use clan tag for in-game one it will all come out as eGO which means admin, so I think thats why