**SOTW Contest #65 FreeStyle Submission**

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Free Style

Decisions Decisions Decisions. Whatever shall we make? Well this one is up to you. It's freestyle week. We're starting early as I will be out of town until the evening of the 4th.


* Theme: FreeStyle
* Size: Max: 500x200
* You may make a signature for someone else but you must include the name of the persons who's sig you are making in the signature.
* No Spam
* No Comments
* Only Entries
* One entry per person.
* No pre-made sigs, you must enter a sig that has been made specifically for this competition, the week of the competition.
* No repeat entries.

Entries will be taken until Saturday August 7th, 11:59 PM EST

Thank you for participating.


Poster Extraordinaire

I made a sig with this stock a while back. Liked it so much I used it again.
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