Season 1 Ranked Matches


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Hey guys, i just finally broke 1500 in solo que, and i was just wondering how everyone else is doing. Im really enjoying the ranked matches, theres alot more strategy when you start to get up higher. Alot more fun =)



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Not bothering with it, I play characters which are highly dependent on a good team to be successful, tanks, support, and very squishy casters.


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Well after 1300 or so, its more about team comp, so playing tanks and support wins the games.


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not really concerned about my score. i play in the ranked queue to avoid the retards.


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im not getting into ranked until there are more rune pages available, especially solo ranked. i really don't want to plan out 2 rune pages for approximately 4-6 champs then have them get banned/picked and get left with something that doesn't work at all for who you're forced to play. among other things im waiting to get changed/fixed


Im at 1506 rating solo ranked atm.. Enjoying it alot! Still without a real 5v5 team though.

I mainly play janna/amumu/ez for solo so far. (Would play shaco if ever got the chance to :glare:)