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Hey Arrakis here, ok so I'm on a 2009 Macbook white unibody with a 9400m, 2 gigs of ram (soon to be four) and a 2.26ghz C2D proc lol *just incase asking for specs* So my question is will it make a big difference if i overclock the GPU by 5-10MHz? The GPU currently at manufacturer settings runs at 350 MHZ. Also, I do have a cooling pad and its at its highest fan speed . Note: not looking for people calling me stupid or retard just a helpful fact. I understand if I overclock it way to much it will fry my motherboard and thats no bueno. Im looking for a safe area of power with minimal damage. kthx :D


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Overclocking on a laptop isn't exactly recommended. But, if you're sure your cooling pad will do the the job, then you could always try. 5-10mhz won't exactly help as much as you're hoping. Maybe 1-3 fps increase. Also, always keep a close eye on your temperatures.


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Yes i understand that it isnt recommended but I am looking at powerstrip and it has a gauge: Green is ok, Yellow is pushing it, Orange/Red not recommended loll.


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5-10 would add .05-.1% performance increase.
You'd have to add at least 50MHz to make an actually noticable difference.