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Is there any way to fix a mic my mic broke, and the cords look fine. I think it broke when i got up forgetting my mic was on my head, so I pulled it when i got up. But then again it worked a few hours after that. Than i went to slepp and when i woke up i came up to find my mic was broken :(. Please help!



EGO Is My Life!
So the cable is fine? Are you sure?
You could take off the casing around the actual headphones, see if anything came loose, or go to the 3.5mm/usb port side, and strip the sleeving to see if the wires are undone.
If so, then you can just use some electrical tape to put everything back in the correct order.


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Ya, it's probably not "broken" just lossened a wire.

If you can solder it, solder it back.

If not, just keep fiddling with thenwire on thenblob of lead-like substance till you get connection, then hot glue it