Starcraft II id


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Now I know that there is a thread for this in the general rts forums, but I feel that it is necesary and would be great to make this somewhat an official thread for eGO member id's for sc2.

There are 2 different ways this can be done.
1 e-mail that is linked to account. This method will display your real name!!
2 post your ingame name that you use. This appears after logging in to in sc2. For this method you also need to find your code. This can be located by going to friends list (bottom right hand corner) add friend and then it has your code in the upper right hand corner.

I do hope that eGO grows with Starcraft II.

I will post my info as soon as I get home and stop using my phone to make posts.

Happy hunting everyone XD

Thanks leadership for creating a sub forum for us!!!! <3
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