Probably won't be playing CS:S for a few days.

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Well, as the title says. I probably won't be on CS:S to show you guys up. The reason why is because my laptop has apparently developed viruses on it. I am typing to you from the safe mode with connection on the laptop. So I can still visit the site, but cannot play CS:S. So you can still send me PM's on the site, just can't play with me on CS:S for a few days.

Seeya soon,
Mayhem Death.


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Tsk tsk Mayhem no more viruses and don't infect me too! LOL, hope you can get back on soon my friend.

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hurm, I didnt play for 2-3 days straight cause of exams upcoming, but didnt bother to post something like this xD

Cya then


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Its too bad you have virus's, Hopefully you get those cleared and get gaming as soon as possible!

On a side note, things like absences for whatever amount of time can be put into your signature so if we wonder, we will visit your profile and see or most likely see a post by you and the message you wanted to say!


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:] you'll be missed in highschool...

no wait, who am i kidding , nah.
hah jk , good luck with the viruses diver boi!