Your first hat thread.

Just got my first hat. Demo's hustlers halmark.

Was hoping for the towering pillar of hats, but it will do.

What was yours?


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My very first hat was the demo's stovepipe, about a month after the hats originally came out. A little later, I found something else (I believe it was the camera beard) and crafted them both together and received the heavy's football helmet, which I still wear to this day.


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Demomans Fro!
Then when crafting came out several months later, I crafted it together with my Jarate Masters Belt (or whatever its called) and received another fro :(
First drop = Cheater's Lament. If that doesn't count, then it's gonna be Professional's Panama.
First craft (two days ago) = Ze Goggles. It's pretty aweesome

Crafted mah Professional's Panama and Ze Goggles. Got a Backbiter's Billycock. Nice hat, except that I never play spy :-(
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First drop was the Slim Dome Shine for the Engie which really is a lack of a hat, rather than a hat. Lame.

My first craft was the heavy's Heavy Duty Rag. Pretty awesome.


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if the common ones don't count...

Texas Slim's Dome Shine

worst. hat. ever.
crafted it asap and got modest pile of hat

but my first craft was a Pyro Brigade Helmet. it's my favorite <3


unrespectable gloves for the pyro, later then i crafted a kabuto, but i wasnt happy with it, then i crafted the 2 hats together and got a stovepipe for demoman


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My first hat drop was the demo's fro.

yeah, nice.

I was looking at it in the backpack. Walked out of the room and came back in. Someone had accidently hit the 'del' key.

Did you know, you can't undelete things from your backpack? >.<


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My first hat was an Engineer Mining Light, I got it 2 hours after hats came out in the update. The next day, I got another Mining Light. Haven't gotten a hat dropped yet... and I have over 1200 game hours logged since then.