screen shots


Havent you ever taken the coolest looking screenshot ever? Well for the last couple weeks ive wanted to make a powerpoint of my collection....only with 1 problem! When i try to click on the images i cant find the right program to open them with....So i was hoping someone could help me find or show me the answer! :) It will be like making an avatar i guess...i just need the screenshots in paint and then to powerpoint....
anyhelp is apprietated (sp) ! :cool:


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You could also download GIMP and open them, then convert it to .png if you wished. Thats easier for uploading.

I recommend it so that you wont have a 10000000mb powerpoint


Before this thread gets closed i was wondering if I could post the powerpoint (just for Fun) While its kinda lame i figure someone might recognize themself. Not only could i but where and would anyone even care to see it?