July 31st Maintenance Results


Councilman Polamalu

July 31st Maintenance Results

  • Assault has been changed to Nightfever
    • IP:
  • Spray Trace has been added to Dust2 / Office
  • Server names fixed to remove the display of "FBG"
  • Voting on jail has been fixed
  • New maps uploaded for events
    • mg_smashfloor_v3
    • mg_simonsays
    • mg_maze_b1v3
    • mg_hold_your_balance
    • mg_frightnight_final
    • ka_soccer_2006_v3
    • jb_skyscraper_jail
    • fy_virtual_v2
    • fy_numb3rl4nd
    • fy_highrise_09
    • de_frost
    • de_dust2_old
    • de_cittadella_v2
    • buses_from_hell_redux
  • Several maps on Jail #2 have been updated
    • ba_jail_amazonian
    • ba_jail_stationx
    • ba_jail_canyon


iEye Captain

Poster Extraordinaire
An epidemic of avian flu broke out late at night in a large office complex. The terrorists want to blow it up and the counter terrorists want to stop the terrorists. Role reversal.
Does it require a flashlight? Because I'm too afraid to turn on my flashlight after the updates. :scared: