2007 was a great year.
so my birthdays on the 2nd

im gunna be turning 18

and im not sure what im going to be doing

any ideas?

and remember to keep suggestions forum appropriate ;D


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No suggestion yet, but ill tell you one thing, your lucky your birthday doesnt fall on the same week as exams like me

"Happy birthday"

"Thanks dad"

"Ok now go study"


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Alright im back 30 seconds later with a suggestion.

Call all your good friends, and go out for the night.


2007 was a great year.
ya i was thinking about just getting all my buddies to come over

bring 360s and system link and have a good time

course theres always the chance that my parents planned something

that could be awkward

"hey everybody, come on in lets get these things set up."

*5 minutes later start up xboxs*

*parents come in with cake*

"happy bir---- oh."


2007 was a great year.
ha iEye

why wait until 21?

sure that the drinking age

but whats really stopping me from drinking right now?

theres a bottle of seagrams in the freezer right now that i could pop open


even if i were turning 21 i would only drink if someone actually bought it for me

i dont like drinking because my grandpa was a heavy drinker and that enough to keep me away from alchohol for anything less than a special occasion
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