No bad language In-Game rule.

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Personally, I think this is somewhat pointless, :glare: and there are character vocals in the game that automatically play. Like if theres a tank, they'll curse when you hit the socalize button. Also, if theres a grenade, or RPG nearby, they'll curse too. And sometimes it's mild, but others . . . :blink: So personally, I find it pointless. :bored:

Someones probably either going to delete this thread, or give me a multi-paragraph lecture. :/
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This rule has been within all eGO's division for all of eternity and I'm pretty sure its set in stone. It won't be changing soon because eGO prides itself in being a family friendly area for young ones to play. Just my 2 cents


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Hahonator I think you can have the vocals not curse on the server but I'm not sure on that. What Kawaii and eGO are talking about is no bad language in the in-game message. And that just my 2 cents.


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We have this rule because there is a difference between hearing a digital character say a naughty word, and having a real person curse and swear you out. People buy video games with the intention to have fun and just play the game, and it's hard to have fun or enjoy the game when there is someone raging and swearing left and right.

The chance of this rule changing is next to none and if you do have a complaint about the rules it's best suited for the Dropbox.


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It has always been an eGO rule to keep the servers clean of foul language, and that will never change. I know the game uses "mature" language, but that doesn't mean we have to.

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