For those that use Xbox Live Arcade...


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I find this article rather interesting:

I only really saw an interest in the zombie game, but read the comment post bout the zombie estate. Any games that you guys play that are cheap nuff to be worth playing or are worth spending a lil $$ on?
depends on how much you are looking too spend

I buy a lot of arcade games, here are my top 5 of em :p

2:Trials HD
3:Shadow Complex
4:Castle Crashers
5:Dishwasher Dead samurai

BUT the summer arcade games are being released, one of em being a new castelvania game, also plants vs zombies will soon be released for xbl arcade.
also i dont think any indie games are worth it, best one is probably the massage ones. :D


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I think the arcade game have more quality and longevity in it, but I do play some indie games. I have "i made a game with zombies in it" and "They came from the ground". I have to admit, some indie games are really fun to play and "They came from...." is one of them.