Bad Company 2 New Server and Maps!


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EdgeGamers Bad Company 2 Division now has another server! For those who couldn't attend the meeting this past Friday, the new server is a Hardcore Conquest Rotation and Events Server. Basically, anytime there's an event, training or tournament going on this will be our goto server unless this server is full and another is empty. Speaking of which, look out for details soon about EdgeGamers Squad Elimination Tournament where you could win some sweet schwag.</div>

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Most Bad Company players probably already got a taste but just in case, EA/DICE has released a new Map Pack adding Rush mode to White Pass and Conquest to Nelson Bay, which is now set during the day. Hop on our servers to check them out! For those who can't wait or who haven't gave in and bought the game yet, check out some gameplay action showing off the new maps:

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I hate that shotgun way too over powerful lol.

but i like BC2 its fun, and glad they added those packs, along with Yay for a Event server :)