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Sup guys! I'm gonna take a shot at opening a spray shop using Garry's Mod ragdolls and such. By gmod I mean stuff like this.

These are just I couple things I did with sprays. I'm a pretty good ragdoller, but I need ideas for what to make with them. I also have a lot of addons, so there won't be too much I need to dl.

So here's a template.

1. Basic idea (Subject: Funny/Yourself/Creative):

2. Items (Ragdolls/Special Props/What you want in the backround):

3. Any special map? (if none leave blank):

4. Any special effects? (dark rooms/cliffs/lakes/anything/other):

5. What type of poster (motivational/other):

6. Describe the specialties (What guns/what to hold/faces/anything that should be described):

7. Anything else:

8. On a scale of 1-5 how creative should I be (how far away should I step away from your request):

Hopefully I can get you your spray within the day.
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