DoD:S Realism Campaign 1 Battle 3 Results



** All Territory Swaps have been Updated on the Battle Map Above. **


Battle #3 Information:​

Round 1: Axis attack Belgium from France on dod_donner

Axis won their attack bid. However the Allies forces proved to be too much
and defended their territory successfully!
Allies retain control of Belgium!

Round 2: Allies attack Norway from Sweden on dod_kalt

Allies won their attack bid. However, the Axis forces proved to be too much.
Their attack to regain control of Norway Failed.
Axis retain control of Norway!

Hard Fought Battles Everyone!
Keep Checking the Forums for More Information on Next Week's Battle!

Any suggestions/comments/issues can be PM'd to C-WHiT.​


Also Remember, NEXT Week will be Euro Realism and the Last Official Battle for the First Campaign!!!


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Sumac: Okay we need a rocket now...... dont even try it injustice.... lolololol

but it was super fun! seems kinda short to me though.


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Don't worry rubberband.
The kills I got were 3 of my teammates.
Hooray for high ping and failnades!


Quoted from previous thread...

For everyone complaining of "TEAMS", this post is for YOU!


1) We apologize that you did NOT get the team you wished for.

Teams were randomized. Pure Randomization means that the process of picking teams is/was and always will be "FAIR".

Also note that not getting the team you want does not mean that the end of the world is near. The world is not coming to a crashing halt because you did not get to be axis/allies this campaign.

There will be more campaigns where you will be given that opportunity.

2) Please stop complaining that "Player X is better than me so I'm not even going to play" or my favorite, "Player Y is better than me so I'll sit this campaign out and wait for regular realism".

My question to you is: what is the main purpose of games? To have fun, to refine your skills to get better, to play with a group of people and enjoy yourself.

Furthermore, there are talks to continue this campaign tournament mode as the response to it has been overwhelmingly good.

In conclusion, my response to you would be "just play and have fun". You can't take things in life so seriously. You can't act like that in real life, at work, or school. And as such, it is not the proper attitude to have here.

In response to everyone's overwhelming responses back from the DoD:S Realism Poll, we thank you for your valued opinions. We seem to have gotten a very positive response back.

Any further comments you may have can be PM'd to myself at any time.

Thank you!
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I was happy that I spray'd and pray'd and killed ronpaul, the only time the stg44 didn't fail me