I recently got a program called Tunebite. I was hoping to use it to make a TF2 Montage :cool: but I soon realized it ran weird on my laptop. So I plugged in a spare desktop monitor and did a split screen so I could start recording My game play and it wouldn't record it. If anyone has a solution or a better/another program to do that I would gladly appreciate the info. If you need any of the information about my laptop I can pm it to you.


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Why PM the specs?
What are the specs, and what is it you're trying to do, exactly? Record TF2? Use Fraps, or learn to use Source Recorded (perhaps it'll work better for you >:/ )


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If he wants to make it into a video though, does source has a built in .dem to avi or wmv converter?
kinda it can play the dem back and capture it frame by frame into a video.

but you will need to process things after the fact in something like virtualdub.

just record your demo

than after use the startmovie command and the playdemo command

and stopmovie when done.

here is some info on the whole process that is for tf2 but works on all source games (CS:S DoD:S l4d2 etc)
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