Lets get some recruits!


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Hey guys, our division is small when I mean small its small like really small. I'm just posting here to give you guys some encouragement on why YOU should be recruiting for our division!

PRO'S of Getting Recruits:

1. Getting players to get on vent and play BFBC:2 with you when your awake. Lets face it eGO is a very very diverse clan and timezones are very spread apart. So lets say you're playing at 6 but in other peoples time zone its the time they hit the bed if you can recruit someone in your timezone that means you can enjoy bfbc:2 with friends and dont have to come to an empty vent.

2. Getting noticed. Face it we all want a way to get promoted and noticed by leadership so we can boot those silly gooses with there dirty mouths. Well what better way then bringing in a ton of recruits! It'll surely get you noticed by Noxx, Music and Duality.

3. More admins! More admins mean less punk. Are you tired of dealing with punks but you can only warn and there are no admins around to help you? Well making our division bigger will solve that problem!

4. You're helping our division! We are a very small division and are not being noticed like other older and bigger division. We need to get our division bigger. What does being bigger mean? More events! Leadership might give us more money to get prizes for cool events!

5. Healthy life style ! Recent studys have proven that recruiting will improve your life span by a bazzilion years! Meaning you can enjoy Battlefield the Badder than Bad Company 2! When your 901 years old



Bottom line get your arse out there and get some recruits!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If only i was able to run bfbc2. Then i would help you guys in the recruiting part of things. I'm an O-K recruiter. :)


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I totally agree to what you mean by Quality over Quantity. But we definetly need some recrutis ASAP ;) Just got a really active memeber unkilled hes a fun guy to around we need more recruits like him.
Thats a good direction to go in. A division can work 10000x better with all its recruits being active and helpful. A division will die fast if they are all crap.


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Thats a good direction to go in. A division can work 10000x better with all its recruits being active and helpful. A division will die fast if they are all crap.
Agreed. Some divisions can have well over 1000 memebers but out of all of them 20 are regulars on vent forums etc..


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Well, im new here, joined yesterday. What eGO server is the most active? I usually play on the 24/7 conquest rotation, but i dont see to many members on there. We should also try to organize so sort of bc2 competition to maybe get some more members who dont play bc2 to come play.


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Right now we are mostly focusin on filling up on our empty servers, you should help some time when you can =)

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i would have to say that this isnt my strong point. i guess i just aint good at approaching people.
You know sometimes you don't even need to approach them. I joined you guys today because of how well your (and I guess it's "our") group is run and how excellent the attitudes are. It's been a huge amount of fun playing with you guys on the eGO servers and I've been looking forward to being a part of it!


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Hi guys i have just joined the website and what to be in the bc2 division. I am 14 but very mature as i go to boarding school. I treat everone with dignity and respect and love gaming. I am at home 5 months a year and when i am play 24/7. can someone help me join this division?

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If have you have only just joined the forum section, you'll have to go to the main forum and fill out an eGO application. Within that application, you'll find a section to fill out the divisions you wish to join :) Hope this helped.