Ba_Jail_Giggles - A jail map by Nokx


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Hey, hello, blah blah blah. This is me, Nokx. A couple days ago, I was extremely bored, so I decided to play around with SDK, when I realised that so many people were posting new maps now, so I'll better do the same! I present to you: Ba_Jail_Giggles, a prison where the fun is alive, and very much loved. I am not going to work on it 24/7 to get it done, but I'll try to make things when I feel like it. So far, I've only made the CT office (where they spawn), the Armory, and the Cellblock. Pictures coming up:

Cellblock - On the big white screen thingy up there will be a custom texture with my name on it.

One of the 6 cells - You will be sharing your bed, just for the giggles. Also: It's unnecessary to wash your hands. :p

The CT's office - Where the cops chill and have lots of fun.

The Armory - If you're more of the violent type, you can go get your guns here.

Connector - This hall will take you to the other places in the jail.

Soccerfield - For those of you who like sports, etc!

*Heal - Got any bruises? Here is the place you wan't to go!

This is what I got so far. Hope you like it, all constructive criticism is appreciated.

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Everybody's maps are just getting better and better! If you need a tester when its in that stage, send me a PM and ill gladly do some testing.


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maybe try some more detailing.

most things seem kinda blockey so try adding supports and stuff for walls and what not and some signs and overlays.


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Wow, thats pretty good! My jail map is almost done kinda lazy to fix the lights though luls. My map is like 100x crappier :D