TF2 DL Commendation Award: TcVinsky


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For all those who gaze upon these words, greetings. Let it be known that:

* WHEREAS, via countless hours she helps run the TF2 Events Coordination team and TF2 League.

* WHEREAS, by helping start-up servers, answer questions, and acting as a positive role-model for new recruits, she directly contributes to the success of TF2.

* WHEREAS, through tireless efforts as an Advisor, she contributes to the success of the TF2 Leadership team.

* WHEREAS, keeping the best interests of the TF2 Division in mind, she makes recommendations, offers solutions, and keeps her DL's in line.

Now, therefore, we the Division Leaders of the EdgeGamers TF2 Division do hereby award


The Division Leader Commendation award in appreciation for her contributions to the TF2 Division and all of the EdgeGamers community.

Please join us in thanking TcVinsky for her contributions to TF2 and eGO. Congratulations, Tc!
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Congratulations! :DDD

Its nice to see you rewarded for your countless hours and strong effort that you've put into our wonderful division!


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Tc is credit to team!

You really have no idea how much Tc does for the TF2 division.

You really have no idea how much we appreciate your efforts Tc.


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Congratulations TcVinsky and thank you for all your hard work and dedication the eGO. :]


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Congrats friend! I hope you know everyone notices and appreciates the time and effort you tirelessly put into a community you love. eGO is lucky to have you.