Need Help with Java

Hey Guys-

I'm not sure whether or not you guys were following with my previous post about the malware infecting my registry; if not, now you know...

I figured out recently that I had another virus lurking around in my Java location; and with quick thinking, removed the file itself, without uninstalling the program.

Without Java, some of my applications are unable to run (I really should have thought of this before), so I tried re-installing Java, where I receive a pop-up telling me that it's already installed on my computer.
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There are no more files associating with the base of java, neither in Common Files, C:/Program Files, or Windows; however the file still can't download.

I attempted to uninstall the application via the Add or Remove Application, under the Control Panel; however when I attempt to uninstall Java, it says "Fatal Error During Installation"
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Please help me to get rid of Java, so I can re-install it and have access to those broken files.

Morgan Freeman


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When you re-install, it will tell you that its already installed, but will allow you to install again. It should anyway, last i tried