Ω Give away info for month 5 Ω

What do you think is best for nexts month's give away.

  • Steam Package

    Votes: 18 41.9%
  • COD/BF Package

    Votes: 25 58.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Well just over 5 days have past since the last game was given away. So now its time for me to tell you whats gona happen for the next one.
For month 5, we will be returning to the voting system. the choices are

  • Steam package
-The Orange Box
-Left 4 Dead 2
-Source Multiplayer Pack
-Counter-Strike Complete
-Counter-Strike: Source + Garry's Mod

  • And Cod/BF Package
-Battlefield 2: Complete Collection
-Battlefield: Bad Company? 2
-Call of Duty?: Modern Warfare? 2

You are only able to get ONE choice on each option if you win.
This give away will be on the 15th or 16th.

The current winners have been.

Month 1.
-Master Gunns
-Game Left 4 Dead 2

Month 2.
-Game Bad Company 2

Month 3.
-PloxBox, mayhem death.
-Game Bad Company 2 x2

Month 4
-Lava, Jarrod_38
-Gmaes: L4D1/2

If there are any comments or crying please post here:p


Forum Fiend
I vote for CoD/BF package, because I already have all the games in the Steam package except TF2, and only BF: Complete collection in the other package.


Thread Thumper
I vote for the CoD Package, mainly because I have L4D and L4D2 on my xbawkz, but I also have CoD... But I want CoD on my computer as well. xD