Are you more or less likely to buy a game if it comes from an indie developer?

Are you more or less likely to buy a game if it comes from an indie developer?

  • Yes, I tend to buy independent.

    Votes: 11 3.4%
  • It's a factor, but only if the game is still good otherwise.

    Votes: 77 23.7%
  • No, I don't care if I buy indie or from a major corporation.

    Votes: 152 46.8%
  • I avoid indie games like the plague!

    Votes: 8 2.5%
  • Indie? What's that, like Raiders of the Lost Ark?

    Votes: 77 23.7%

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Depends really. Indie devs do listen to their fanbase when it comes to game mechanics, but at the same time many of the components can't be added due to the devs not having enough funding.

The same thing goes with an Indie group falling apart and not continuing working on their game (the best examples are the HL2 mods we see)


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I tend to play major-company games more often than indie. However, I tend to pay for indie games more than major-company games.


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I voted that it's a factor, but I do tend to play indie games a lot more, simply because the games are often less mainstream, more creative, and it feels good to support a small company rather then, say, EA Games (Bleh!).

Plus, indie companies are more likely to have freeware/shareware titles, or cater to niche markets, like political simulations, or drama/interactive novel/artistic. has good reviews of a lot of titles, a lot of which are freeware, if you're interested.


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The Misadventure of P.B Winterbottom is the most ingenious game ever. I'm hoping Limbo comes to the Pc, it looks great


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Some indie games are fantastic, but Beta made the best point, they often do not have the adequate funding to equal the potential a major corporation could meet. I'll always give the game a go (by the means of a demo, or a friend already having the game, Youtube videos at a last resort) no matter who develops it though.

It's the same with music. I prefer to support the ones who need it most. Whether the game was great or not, I'd rather give my money to the guys who have less and rely on it more.


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Im more likely to buy a big developer game because of a larger fan base and publicity...