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i have a theory what EA/DICE doing with Bad company 2.

They are trying to put all their offical maps into all mode avability before they let community or other people making their own map. even though they are busy with MOH and BF3 along trying think to put onslaughter on pc too


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They probably won't ever.
EA wants to make sure that people buy new copies, which is why they have things like the VIP code etc. If people get new content from open sources and not EA, then copies of the game that have been used would still sell.


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Yeah sorry, EA/Dice confirmed before the release of the beta that there wouldn't be an SDK.

"It wasn't a thought-out decision in the sense that 'no, we're not releasing tools.' Our feelings towards the modding community is not a negative one, but we had to be realistic in this situation.

"This version of Frostbite just really doesn't support (modding)," Van Dyke explains. "The way our tools are setup for Frostbite currently - this isn't the plan for the future - it's all within a network structure, so we have servers, a network farm, hard drives all over the place, caching systems. For the development team it's not even a realistic thing to try to pretend we could put out. So we just bit the bullet and were honest and were like, 'This is not something we can do with this game.'"