My attempt at enlarging the eGO front page logo

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It took literally FOREVER. And the outcome = bad.

Anyways if anybody would like to touch this up (fix the sharp corners around the logo, mainly, and the bottom left corner of the 'e' in 'edg'), it would be much appreciated :)

Other than that I made a few minor modifications, like added a glowish gel effect to the letters, looks very shiny and modern :D
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also remember that once you downsize an image, you can not upscale it.

think of it like this:

all images in digital form (for the most part) are made up of pixels. each of these pixels are okay if you downsize an image because for the most part they are either overlapped,combined or not used.

if you try to upscale it all your doing is expanding those pixels.

so picture yourself drawing a picture on a balloon. if you let air out of it, its okay. but if you blow it up more -- then its all fuzzy and hard to make out.