KOTH Canada - A TF2 Map


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This map is for TF2.

Hello, I'm StickZer0 and I bring you my latest map - KotH_Canada!

Canada is a King of the Hill map set in (you guessed it) snowy Canada! Gameplay is centered around a central capture point, with multiple routes, all leading to the center. Many of the rooves are accessible, and while it is easier for scouts and soldiers, other classes can all take different, but slightly longer routes up to the top.

The gameplay is based on fast action and a constant change in control of the capture point. The capture time has been considerably reduced compared to a normal KotH map, so when you see your point is being capped by a single person, you have 14 seconds to haul ass and get to the cap and defend what is rightfully yours. Similarly, if the enemy has set up camp, one push can get you straight to the cap and turn the game on its head.

Clicking on pictures will give you a high-res version

Side passages give classes such as sniper and engineer places to set up and hold out once the cap has been taken.

Known issues:
  • No known issues.

Shoutouts and Thanks:
  • J4CK8, Beanz and Torpedo Pengwin, for constant feedback and help.
  • Acumen for the snowy roof models

I would like any feedback you have to offer about this map, as I'm sure all of it is valuable.

Download it here!

Check the TF2Maps.net thread for the latest updates on this map

Thanks in advance, have fun while playing!



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Now I don't know anything about TF2, but this map looks really beautiful!
I think you've done a good job here :)


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Yeah, it was tested quite a lot during its 3 or 4 month development, all the way through alpha and beta, so you can be assured that it's not a bunch of boxes strewn together in the hope it will work. At least, not anymore.