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Hello, Silent!! here and I wasn't sure where to post this so I chose the general forum. I have noticed the MAUL thing on my page telling me I haven't verified my Steam ID, but this is plainly because I don't use Steam.
Is this a problem? I've noticed it's pretty much a requirement to enter your Steam ID.


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Since your a call of Duty player, then just ignore it. Its just for STEAM users on our source games to activate their admin access. If you only play CoD, then its of no concern to you :D


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If you want to verify steamID you will need a source game. My steam account name is darklighttwo, if you own a source game that eGO supports i will help you get that verified.


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Yeah, if you play any source games that eGO supports, then just go to the Maul>My Game ID's.

Then put in your steam ID, press Submit and then play on any eGO server in a source game for a few mins and it will verify you:)

Like others said, if you dont play sourcegames at all, then just ignore it.


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well answered guys - silent!! if you have any more questions regarding the topic please contact a member of the PSC or an advisor from a source division. Thanks!
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