Only 11 T-shirts Left


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<div style="width: 500px; text-align: center" align="center">Why is Nittany so surprised? He just found out that there are black eGO T-shirts left and they can be had for a donation of only 10 bucks! Here's the catch.... We only have shirts in the following sizes and amounts:

Small: 3
4XL: 3
5XL: 5

The next 11 donations of $10 or more that include the form below will be shipped a shirt. Offer only good as long as the inventory lasts. Sorry, U.S. members only due to shipping costs.
  1. T-shirt size:
  2. In-Game/Forum name:
  3. Real Name:
  4. Street Address, city, state and zip code:
  5. Telephone number:



2007 was a great year.
Only 11 guys, If you were planning on donating, nows the time to do it!


2007 was a great year.
i would totally donate to get one of these but my family is moving

so im not exactly in the position to be giving money up

its too bad because i would totally rock a small


I need to go outside
i may partake in one of these clothing items.....10 dollars you say?
give me about 20 minutes and ill take my Ferrari over to the eGO corporate offices
and remove one of these fine items off of your hands