Possible divisional conversion

Should Insurgency division convert into a Multi-mod division?

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    Votes: 33 43.4%
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    Votes: 13 17.1%
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How would you feel about a divisional conversion which would transform the Insurgency division into a multi-mod division? We are eagerly awaiting your feedback, so thank you in advance for any and all comments/concerns.

Please vote, and if further explanation is required, please reply in this thread.


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I like this idea, seeing as how we have been this for some time now. but what games would we officially support?

FFF (fist full of frags)

I may be missing one or two but anywho, I like the idea as supporting modder in there development and testing is always great.


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I voted yes. There are many mods out there and i would love to see them supported :). Such as RnL


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I'm on the fence because RNL and FAS can't hold there own right now, but Ins can for right now at least. RNL and FAS are both great games but as of right now neither one can be a division by its self such as Ins.I guess making the Ins division into a Mod division would help both RNL and FAS to be more official eGO games. Plus it would be a lot easier to recruit members for both games because currently if you recruit someone for RNL your pretty much bringing them into the Ins division. I guess at the end of the day I would go with "eGO MOD Divison" because it will hopefully make eGO larger if everything goes well with all 3 games!

This might not mean anything but I also notice a different age group of players
Play Ins,RNL, and FAS These 3 games take a different kind of patients to play =)
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We should Ride Insurgency out until the end before thinking of divisional changes in my opinion
We are not getting rid of INS. All we would be doing is adding other Source games to build the division. When the new version of INS comes out, we'll convert over to that and give that a try.

INS is what brought this division to life and all of us together. I'm not cutting ties with this game!


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Yea, don't be worried about change. Change (most of the time) is a good thing.

This time its a very good thing.

We (the INS Division) are moving forward. Not staying in the past.

Please, make sure you consider this.


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To me it doesn't really matter, but I do believe in one thing though:

1. Most of the games we want to support have fewer players. Solution: The only way we would be able to get these mod fully involved is possible advertisement.

How will we work this out? Will it be an advisor for each game and then a Division Leader on top?


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